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Focus On R & D And Production Of Insulating Glass

QUISURE Insulation Glass, Based in China, Focus on the R & D, manufacturing and sales services of insulating glass products for freezer, wine cabinets and display cabinets…


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We are a company driven by technological innovation and customer-oriented. With years of experience, we are experts at insulating glass of two layers, insulating glass of three layers, insulating glass of four layers, insulating glass of conductive heating, insulating glass of anti-fogging and anti-frosting, insulating glass of four sided irregularity.

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 Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility uses the latest machining technologies to produce complex and intricate Insulation-glass components that meet or exceed the tight tolerances and heat insulation efficiency expected by clients.

Professional Quality

Driven by technology and customer demand, we focus on R & D and manufacturing of insulating glass in refrigeration field. Our core engineers have worked in this field more than 10 years.

Delivery Guarantee

Our long-term guarantee of good performance reputation, benefit from China’s mature glass industry, and also in our long-term cooperation valuable experience with the world’s leading freezer enterprises.

Competitive Price

We never sacrifice product quality to win the market at lower price. But our exclusive supply chain resources and lean production management can make you enjoy a very attractive price.

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